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  Website Traffic Tracking - Increase Your Conversion Rate For Sales  
It is natural to believe what most marketing and management experts mean, when they say more eyeballs and more footfalls will translate into more sales. But it is foolish to equate growth in sales to the volume of traffic. This does not mean that generating large volume of traffic to your website is a bad idea but it is also important to keep a track of how many visitors actually converted to customers. A high traffic does not necessarily mean increased or incremental sale. There is no dearth of people who boast of more than 25000 hits a day on their website but it would be impressive if only a large number of those who visited the site actually converted to sale.

A good Internet marketing campaign is one in which maximum number of visitors get converted to sale. This can happen only if the traffic generated is of a high quality and very targeted. If there is a lot of traffic on your website but very few conversions then it is time you found out what is preventing visitors from actually buying your product or service. For this you will need some kind of meter to track the volume of traffic coming to your site and also indicate where it is coming from. This information will help you fine-tune your advertising campaign and help you make the necessary changes to improve the quality of traffic rather than mere quantity. This can be done if you do a few things as discussed below.

Today there are several programs available that help you track the traffic. One such program is the Google Analytics. All you have to do is sign up for a free account with the Google AdWords. Google AdWords then provides you with a script that you have to copy and paste on the page you intend to track. This simple program will give you all you need to monitor and convert your traffic into incremental sale by increasing your conversion rate. The program is so designed that it can accurately tell you if the visitors came from search engine queries or from referral links. It also tells you the number of page views per day, number of visitors, unique visitors, and the time they spent on your website. Visitor profiles are also provided which is a big plus that helps you in profiling your potential customers.

The data thus collected can help you understand where your traffic has come from and thus help you put strategies in place to generate more quality traffic. It also provides you information on which area generates the least quality traffic. You can then fix the problem or drop the source of poor quality traffic. Simultaneously you can focus all your energies on areas that generate the maximum quality traffic.
It will take some time to set up this whole mechanism and some learning to correctly analyze the data but once this is done your marketing efforts will be more focused and result oriented. It is akin to owning your own tune-up kit.

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