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  Walking To Lose Weight  
People are becoming more health conscious every day and are adding exercise into their daily lives as part of goal for healthier living. Many more options are available to us today for exercise and physical fitness including gyms, workout centers, fitness programs, weight loss programs and more. With so many more options available it may come as a surprise that many people are still choosing to walk as a way to stay fit and/or lose weight. Walking is fun, it's easy and it's something you can do with a friend or even your dog. Not only are you getting in some good exercise but you're giving your dog a real treat. Dog walking is becoming especially popular with the world becoming more pet friendly.

Walking as Part of a Weight Loss Program

Although most people walk to get into shape or stay in shape, many are using a regime of walking as part of a weight loss program. Can you lose weight by just by walking without dieting? Yes, with the right kind and amount of walking, you can and will lose weight. Millions of people are successfully losing weight from their dedication to walking. In fact, walking every day at a moderate pace for 30 to 60 minutes will not only help your body to burn up fat that's stored in your body but will also speed up your metabolism, both which will result in weight loss. Walking regularly at a moderate pace will burn fat and calories.

What Speed Should I Walk To Lose Weight?

Before you begin a long walk at a fast pace, it's important that you start off slow. Begin a slow easy walk for 5 to 10 minutes just to let your muscles know what you're doing. They'll get the hint that they're not supposed to burn up available sugar in your body but that instead they need to call on the fat reserves sitting in your body. Get the picture yet? If you start off walking fast, your muscles will burn your sugars instead, which will result more in your becoming fatigued than in actual weight loss.

The speed of walk that's best for weight loss is described as a determined pace, like someone with a purpose in mind. If you're keeping track of your heart rate, it should be 60 to 70 percent of your maximum heart rate and your breathing should allow you to carry on a full conversation while walking. Although it may take a few days, work yourself up to a goal of 30 minutes per walk. Once you've reached that point, do this on a regular basis and as often as possible and you'll soon notice the weight loss.

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