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  Get Better Blood Pressure with Walking  
Walking is a pastime that more and more people are choosing and they're choosing it for a variety of reasons. Not only is it relaxing, great for the body and fun, but it also has many health benefits more than we're even aware of. Recent studies indicate that people that spend more time walk have less problems with high blood pressure.

A study that was in the Journal of Hypertension states that even taking a short but brisk walk for 10 minutes can lower your blood pressure for up to 11 hours. Taking a 45-minute walk will keep the blood pressure down for seven hours. Imagine the great impact walking would have on your blood pressure if you took to 45 minute walks per day!

Get Rid of High Blood Pressure the Easy Way

Many people suffer from prehypertension, which is elevated blood pressure that usually turns into high blood pressure. High blood pressure affects millions of people in America today, putting them at risk of heart disease, stroke, kidney failure and more. The best treatment for prehypertension is following a good diet and getting sufficient exercise. Walking is a great form of exercise for prehypertension.

Individuals that were part of an independent study walked continuously on a treadmill for 40 minutes on one day. The next day they walked for 10 minutes each four different times over a period of 3.5 hours. The result of this walking was their systolic blood pressure dropping approximately 5.5 mmHg, which is enough of a drop to make a significant difference in their being at risk of heart disease and stroke. The moral of the story is even a few short walks each day can make a difference.

Fit it into Your Schedule

Walking is a sport or activity that is very enjoyable for most people, even those that don't consider themselves as active. The main reason why most people don't get in enough walking is their schedule. They don't feel they have time to take long walks. The good news is that a short 10 minute walk once or twice a day can make a substantial difference in their blood pressure. Consider walking to your favorite restaurant on your lunch hour. The ten minutes you'll spend walking is ten minutes you would have used up getting to your car and then parking it by the restaurant and you'll feel so much better!

So, whether you can fit long walks into your schedule or only have time for a couple short walks, make the most of them. Grab your water bottle, put the lease on your dog and away you go towards lower and healthier blood pressure.

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