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  Make Jogging a Group Activity  
Quite often, when friends get together they are at a loss for something to do. They have done everything and want something different they have never tried, why not make jogging a group effort? Get some friends together and go for a jog in the neighbourhood, the park or the local track. Not only is it a healthy change from going to the ice cream shop but you will be safer in a larger crowd. Although experts recommend at least two people, the more people who are with you when you jog, the safer you will be. By making it a group effort you will be both safe and healthy simultaneously.

Whether you arrange jogging as a group with just friends or participate in a sponsored event is of no relevance. The important issue is taking the time to participate in a group jog with friends or with another group of people. Certainly, it is likely to be more exciting if you are with friends but if that is not possible, do not eliminate the possibility of participating in an activity that is already organized. Do not deny yourself the pleasure of joining in a group jog just because you do not know any of the other participants. Events of this type are the easiest way to meet new people and make new friends.

If you cannot find an event that is already sponsored there is no reason y9ou canít get something started yourself. All you need to do is find a group of people interested in joining in a group jogging activity. You can do it like a game or simply provide healthy refreshments at the end of the job.

It is not something that needs a great deal of effort or requires a lot of time to organize. You can send flyers around your neighborhood to let everyone know about the event and see how much interest you can generate. The more people that are interested, the more likely it will be of being successful.

You donít have to participate in a group jogging effort of course, but getting together with a group of friends or others who enjoy jogging can make the time go faster, and you will have accomplished your goal before you realize it. When you make it fun the time goes quickly and you can accomplish more, even beyond the original goals you set for yourself.

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