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  Jogging Your Way to a Healthier You  
Everyone needs to get into the routine of doing some kind of exercise in order to remain healthy. For some people, that involves developing a jogging routine while others may choose a different kind of exercise. Although jogging is not for everyone, some people are quite content with this activity.

Unlike running, when you jog you are at a slower, rhythmic pace which makes it possible to jog for longer than you can run. Though some people are able to run at a slow gait, most people tend to begin running at a fast pace and slow down or stop when they get tired then pick up speed again. That type of routine can tire you out quicker and prevent you from accomplishing everything you want to accomplish.

Before you begin jogging you want to decide where you want to jog, keeping in mind that you need to choose a safe and well-lit area that has a level and smooth surface. Once you know where you can jog with confidence, you can begin working on the routine you want to accomplish. Keep in mind you want to start slowly and gradually build up to where you want to be. If you want to jog for an hour a day, do not attempt to begin with that but rather start slowly and build yourself to that level. At the same time, you do not want to push yourself to reach your goal in a week or twoŚlet your body guide you and help you reach your final goal. There is no need to be in a hurry to reach your final goal; you have reached this point in your life without jogging so take it easy.

As you are working toward your final goal be realistic in your expectations. You might want to begin with fifteen minutes and increase it gradually. The idea is to reach your final goal, not to give yourself excruciating pain so that you cannot move. Being in pain from jogging is certainly not the way to begin enjoying this or any other activity. When you begin slowly so that you do not experience substantial pain, you will be more likely to want to continue jogging. Most people will not return to an activity that causes them pain on a regular basis. Gradually increasing the amount of time you spend jogging will help you reduce that possibility.

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