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  Skull Tattoo Designs Aren't New  
Skull tattoos are actually one of the more common tattoos that tattoo artists design today. While many people feel that today's designs are unique and inspirational, it is important to note that they may actually be choosing one of the oldest forms of tattoos. Skulls have various meanings and have been in use for years as tattoos. If you are considering them, keep in mind the large number of options that you have. The good news is there are many tattoo artists who are happy to design tattoos for you in this skull pattern.

What Do They Mean?

Perhaps you are unsure if a skull is the right way to show your thoughts and feelings. Just what do these skulls mean? There are many ways to interpret a skull tattoo and of course, it is up to the individual sporting the tattoo to define its meaning. The oldest tattoos were in fact signs of rebellion. Individuals who wanted to stand out as someone going against the popular way of life or the popular opinion often used them. This has, changed considerably. For example, if you think of a Tarot Deck, you will find the skull located on the Death Card. This card is actually not to mean death, but rather change. In addition, you may hear about the skull as an image of "memento mori" which is Latin for the phrase, "remember you must die." This may seem very disheartening, but it can be a great tool to bring you down.

What Options Are There?

There is a wide range of skull design tattoos. You really will not be limited by style here. You can make it look as cryptic as you would like or as positive and even laughing if, you want to. A popular option is skull and crossbones. This is often a popular choice but it implies death and poison. Since the change of thought on pirates (who commonly used this image) the skull and crossbones has gotten a more romantic image as of late. Another option is a serpent and skull, which has a more dastardly appearance to it.

When choosing a skull tattoo design, consider color, size and specific meaning. You can add a skull to other tattoo designs for a better effect or make them as simple as you would like. Talk to your tattoo artist about the wealth of options available to you.

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