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IM Strategies To Increase Traffic
If we planned everything in our lives, our lives would certainly be smoother and more fruitful. Often, however, we do things by the seat of our...
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  Strategies For Closing The Deal  
Closing the deal or making sales for your business is oftentimes easier said than done. A business transaction usually starts off with an exchange of ideas between two parties. However, the real challenge lies in closing the deal. When you are close to this stage, a salesperson might become too excited that he or she jumps right into it. This could end up spoiling everything.

Whether doing internet selling or face to face marketing, there are proven strategies that will improve your chances of closing a sales deal.

Making It Official

Once you got the positive signal from your potential buyer, your next step is get it into writing. Unless you get your client to sign an agreement to finalize the sales deal, there is the risk of the customer changing their mind. This is one of the common sales problems that you would want to avoid.

Therefore, as soon as your customer verbally expresses desire in the product you're selling, convince them to sign a written agreement. Once you're past that stage, you can now rest assured that you've reached the terminal point for this sales cycle.

Be Honest

To boost your company's credibility, you must use your client's perspective in terms of the product you are marketing. Truthfully identify to them the advantages and disadvantages that comes with purchasing your product. However, emphasis must be given to the advantages and it should outweigh the disadvantages.

Your upfront honesty about the product will convince them to seal the deal. The same goes with marketing your products online. Warn your prospects about potential disadvantages. More than increasing your sales potential, it shows your customer that you have genuine concern for their needs.

Closing Deal Strategies

When at the point wherein you think your prospect is about to close the deal but did not commit yet, you can give the push it needs. Hence, the so-called “Take Away Close”. This technique of closing deal addresses the basic human nature to want something others cannot. By using lines such as “This product isn't for everyone” or “There's only a few of this in the market”, it might just be what you need to making a sale.

In other cases, lack of information on the prospect's part is what hinders them from closing the deal. Therefore, if you have any more relevant information that you have not yet shared during the entire sales process, then it might just convince them to go buy your product.

Meanwhile, customers often have preconceived notions or ideas about a certain product. It is your task to identify those objections and overcome them. Make your prospect realize that the benefits of acquiring your product will exceed whatever objections they might have.

As a way to finalize the deal, you can provide instructions to your buyer on how to use the product. Be specific with your instructions where it is applicable, to make it convenient for the buyer to use the product later on. If not, this gives out the impression that your goal is mainly to close the deal instead of addressing their needs.

As a final note, every salesperson should be prepared to lose the deal. This is a reality in the sales and business world. This can be either due to timing or you were unable to convince the prospect.

Closing the deal and producing sales requires intricate work; but by utilizing the right strategies you and your customer could both end up happy.

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IM Strategies To Increase Traffic

If we planned everything in our lives, our lives would certainly be smoother and more fruitful. Often, however, we do things by the seat of our pants and then things don't always work out. [...]


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