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  Top SEO mistakes you ought to avoid  
Search Engine optimization is all about making modifications to websites, which can help attract more visitors, ultimately converting into sales. When you design the website you ought to make sure that you use techniques that will bring in the requisite traffic. However, sometimes in spite of spending a substantial amount of money you may not get the expected results. Though you have taken the effort for SEO there may be some mistakes that led to losses. You should be aware of some typical mistakes often made and ensure that you avoid them.

Bad selection of keywords: When you select keywords make sure that you do not select highly unique or highly popular keywords. If you use unique keywords, though you would list at the top of search engine rankings you may not find yourself any relevant customers. Similarly, if you use some very popular keywords, you will face stiff competition from those already at the top.

Ignoring title tags: Many times people ignore the title tags that can greatly improve SEO. Using keywords in the title tag helps, as the search engines can find relevant keywords in the very beginning, which can make it easier and faster.

Not providing HTML version: If you have designed a website only in Flash then it becomes difficult for the viewers with a slower connection to download it. Similarly, it becomes even more difficult for the search engine spiders to crawl. Rather, search engines ignore such sites. In such cases, it is necessary that you provide a HTML version also for your website, which is useful for your search engines to find you.

Failing to provide sitemap: Often when you make JavaScript menus and do not provide sitemaps your site fails to make better impact on the search engines. What it means is that search engines cannot read JavaScript menus. With sitemaps you can enable indexing and crawling by search engines, failing which you would not get higher rankings.

Focusing too much on Meta Tags: Many experts feel that Meta Tags are fast becoming obsolete, so avoid focusing too much on them.

Using too many images for menus and headings: Though images make your page look good, using text for menus and headings helps search engines to find what they are looking for easily. The search engines cannot read images, which means a zero effect on your attempts to improve rankings.

Resorting to backlink spamming: Avoid getting backlinks using link farms, hidden links etc. You will benefit by creating back links from relevant and authentic sites like article directories. Similarly, using too much interlinking is also considered as backlink spamming.

There are other small things like using fancy fonts, too tiny fonts. Similarly, using FrontPage is not advisable. There is a possibility that the output may be poorly crafted and may not even be compatible with all browsers. Though a small spelling mistake can be of help to get visitors, it is not advisable as they do not speak to well of the quality of a website. Your links should never have any spelling or grammatical mistakes.

Remember that you should regularly update and keep your website fresh. Ensure that you do not make these SEO mistakes or all your other efforts will be in vain.

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