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  Modern SEO Techniques - The Importance Of A High Rank Website  
Every business is trying to achieve higher sales by having their own website to reach out to the customers. Every website tries hard to impress customers with attractive content, images and offers. You may have a very impressive site for your product with wide range of offers. However, unless you reach out to more customers to get the index high in search engine searches, only your relatives and friends would know of your product. Search engine optimization is very important, so that you are ranked high by the search engine spiders. You will have to make use of different techniques available to top the ranking and get in more relevant customers.
There are many simple, but relevant techniques that you may use to get good results from your website design.

Placement of keywords: The appropriate use of keywords can be a deciding factor to get you a high ranking. With extensive research find out keywords that are best suited for your product and which can bring in maximum traffic. Once done, to place them appropriately is of equal importance. You should develop a keyword rich website. It does not mean that you have to go out of your way using keywords in every sentence, but where you place them is important. Having keywords in the beginning of the content is useful, as the search engine spiders search from top to down. If it finds the use of the keyword in the very beginning, it means that that the site has what it is trying to find. Give your content a good thought and use the keywords appropriately at different locations of your website content.

Keyword Density: Along with the placement of the keywords, the keyword density also needs to be tracked. The search engines have varied criteria and you would be walking a thin line to manage the usage. There could be sites, which expect the density to be 3% or some favor 5% or 7%. With some research, you will find out the right density to help you earn a higher rank. Having too high a density makes will be considered as spam.

Title tag: The title tag will be checked for keywords by search engine spiders. It is important that your title is written in a creative manner, keeping in mind using the strongest keyword. If the title tag has the keywords used, then it means that the site is relevant to the search.

Alt Tags: Images are used to enhance the look of a website. However, some text browsers do not display images and for such browsers having an Alt Tag proves useful. This tag gives information of the relevance of the image. Using only the extremely relevant words and keywords helps, rather than too much of information, which may lead to the sites elimination or even a ban.

Content rich as well as attractive design: A website has to be rich in keyword and rich in content as well as attractively designed. Use of keywords and unique content in cliché areas can help to get a high-ranking and thus huge traffic.

Avoid bad techniques: Ensure that you do not use bad optimization techniques like too extensive use of keywords, keywords in author tags, tiny or invisible text etc.
Simplicity is the key for SEO and can widely impact your website rankings.

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