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  Ways to Make Your Car as Economical As Possible  
Driving our vehicles (cars, trucks, vans, etc.) has become very expensive, especially in recent years. Everything is going up in price, with fuel being the most obvious expense. It seems as though every day the price of fuel increases. Saving money on fuel prices is uppermost in most people's minds. You go to the gas station on Monday believing you've paid all you could possibly pay only to find out the price increases again the next day. Although for many people, driving is a luxury that they can do at leisure, a majority of the population has to commute back and forth to work or school each day.

While some only have to travel a few miles, others have to commute for many miles each day. It's come to the point where many can barely afford to drive to work, but need their jobs. Although we're not going to be able to change the price of operating our vehicles, there are things we can do as individuals that will contribute to saving money on fuel prices. Taking care of our vehicles and keeping them in tip top shape is a great start towards saving money on fuel prices. Following are some things we can do to help our fuel economy:

    •    Give your car a tune up
    •    Change the oil as needed
    •    Change air filter regularly
    •    Upgrade your tires
    •    Maintain proper air pressure in tires
    •    Get rid of unnecessary items in your car
    •    Remove racks you don't need

Too often our cars get neglected in respect to tune ups, whether it's the extra expense, not enough time or many other reasons. The extra time and money spent to give your car a tune up (spark plugs, spark plug wires, getting air and fuel filters and hoses checked) will be more than made up by the fuel you'll save. Too often, filters get overlooked and a clogged filter can really hurt your gas mileage. A vehicle that is not operating as it should is not going to get the best possible gas mileage.

Oil changes are also very important in keeping your vehicle running as smooth and efficiently as possible. Auto manufacturers recommend regular oil changes every so many miles and it's not because they have a deal going with the oil companies. It's because regular oil changes will help your car run as economical as possible.

Tires are very important towards your fuel economy. Stay with the size tires recommended for your car regardless of how "cool" those large tires may look. Make sure they are properly inflated as well. Stick with the psi that's listed on your tire. Under or over inflated tires will adversely affect your gas mileage.

Unnecessary cargo such as heavy objects you're carting around or racks that you don't need will also affect your fuel economy. Carrying as few items in your car as possible and following these other steps mentioned will go a long ways towards saving money on fuel prices.

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