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  Ways to Cut Rising Fuels Costs for your Vehicle  
Saving money on fuel prices has become a rising concern for everyone. In fact, it is one of the most increasingly important topics today. If the price of oil isn't high enough already, it seems to be steadily increasing. It will decrease in price one week just to increase more the following week. Petroleum (gasoline) and diesel expenses are taking up a larger portion of everyone's budgets every day. The more we use, the higher the prices seem to increase. We've been told many reasons for the increase in fuel costs, from the effects of global warming to our reserves of oil being used up.

Regardless of the reasons, it's affecting everyone. Therefore, saving money on fuel prices has been a major concern for everyone. While there is very little we can do about the rising fuel prices as well as there being some expenses that we can do little about, there are things we can do that will be effective for saving money on fuel prices, especially our vehicles. Some possible ways of saving money on fuel prices with our vehicles include:

    •    Choosing an economical vehicle
    •    Choose the most economical fuel
    •    Shop for best fuel prices
    •    Consolidate trips

Obviously, if you already have a vehicle, it's not in your best interest to rush out and purchase a new vehicle, but if you're in the market already, look for an economical vehicle. With the right selection, you can save a lot of money on fuel expenses in addition to other automotive expenses. Although diesel vehicles are around 20% more economical than petro vehicles, they are also more expensive so you may not be saving in the long run.

Engine size and type of transmission you choose will also make a difference in your fuel economy. A 4 cylinder car is going to use less fuel than a 6 cylinder car and will meet your needs quite well. Although most people, except many young teenagers, prefer automatic transmissions. If you really feel you can live with a manual transmission (stick shift), consider making your next car a manual transmission. Both of these choices will contribute to your saving money on fuel prices.

Fuel is constantly rising in price almost every time we go to the pump to fill up. Auto manufacturers will recommend you use premium gas over regular unleaded fuel. Unless you notice a real difference in gas mileage, it's not worth the extra cost you'll pay at the pump. Don't drive 20 miles to save 3 cents on the gallon, but look for the gas station in your town that offers the lowest price.

Consolidating your trips will really help in saving money on fuel prices. Unless you have specific appointments on certain days and times, do all your errands at one time. For instance, if you have a medical appointment, allow enough time to do your grocery shopping after the appointment. Plan any of your other errands on the same day.

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