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  Saving Money on Fuel with Solar Energy  

Everywhere we look we're seeing and hearing about ways to conserve energy while saving money on fuel prices. For a long time, would look at some of these energy conservative individuals, listen to them talk and look at them like they were from another planet. With the high cost of keeping our car fuel tanks full and our homes heated, we're no longer looking and listening but rather asking questions and trying to find out all we can about saving energy and saving money on fuel prices.

Heating our homes is a major source of fuel consumption, regardless of what type of heat we use. It's like a big cycle and it all costs money. One method of saving money on fuel prices that more and more homeowners are using is the use of solar energy. While some are going with solar energy at a small and slow pace, others are going headfirst with solar homes. Not only are these lucky and smart individuals helping our environment by building green but they are also saving money on fuel prices, In fact, they are saving a lot of money.

If you're building a home or remodeling your home, a good place to begin saving money on fuel prices is through the use of passive solar energy.  Passive solar is described as the use or rejection of direct sunlight to lower the amount of fuel or electricity that is being used to cool or heat the home. The sun is more than just something to warm the air or give us a good tan. Used effectively, the sun can help warm your home in the winter and cool it in the summer.  With the use of certain solar panels and specially designed roof overhangs, the sun will be your best friend year round while you're saving money on your fuel prices.

Although it may cost a little more to build  your home in a solar energy style, the savings on your fuel bills over the lifetime of your home will more than pay for the project. While all your friends are saying they can barely afford to pay their heating and electric bills, you'll smile and hope for another sunny day. Although I could write an entirely new chapter on building a solar home, I'm just going to give a few quick tips for solar energy.

For the best chances at saving money on fuel prices, put most of your windows on the south side of the home as this where the strongest and longest sun comes from. You'll want to have a lot of thermal mass such as tile, brick or block, preferably dark ones, on the south side of the inside. You want it positioned in the home so that the sun can strike it in the wintertime. This mass will absorb the heat and store it during the day and radiate it throughout the room at night.

While this will help you in the winter, during the summer you should have overhangs on the south and west side of your home to keep your home cooler. These are just a couple of very helpful ways where solar energy can help with saving money on fuel prices.

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