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  Everything Is So Expensive  
The cost of everything has gone up; groceries, clothing, toiletries, and so much more.  Saving money on fuel prices goes much further than just the domestics that we go through.

Saving money on fuel prices goes to our trucking industry, airplanes and even trains.  The price of our daily needs is going up because the price of gas is going up over the whole spectrum.  

We need groceries, which are brought in by trucking, which requires gas to truck it in.  The gas for the trucks has gone up extremely high and so have our groceries.  Gas is now almost $5.00 a gallon so a loaf of bread is now $2.25 a loaf.  Itís hard to figure out how the prices are figured out, but we donít really question it, we just accept it.

The same is true of our clothing.  Itís brought in by truck so clothing goes up due to the price of gas.  We find places to buy inexpensive things, like Wal-Mart.  But then you have to figure that they have their own trucks to bring things in, so the cost to them may be a little less and that is passed on to the consumer.

So the trucks have to keep on rolling, but sometimes they donít and that makes things go even higher in price.  A trucking strike due to the price of gas would be horrific in this day and age.  We couldnít handle any trucking of items that are usually brought in by truck.  Trains would have to be used to transport the groceries needed and the clothes as well.  Prices would go extremely high and affording groceries or clothes would be impossibility.

Many unemployed men and women are now learning to drive the big rigs and applying to the different companies to become truck drivers.  They know itís a continual job and they will be hauling groceries and other items to the American people who need them.  Truck drivers are a respected breed for what they do.  

We grow what we can for our family, but we still depend on the trucks.  When grocery shopping we try to do a weeks worth at a time, but canít always work it out that way.   Buying clothing can become a sometimes thing or you can buy them at the Goodwill where you can afford them.  It can become impossible to afford clothes.  They are not considered a necessity like the groceries are.

So, what it comes down to is appreciating those trucks even if they do cut you off, or are too slow.  If you honk at them make it because you appreciate them, not because they are annoying you and making you angry.

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