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  Drivers in Panic to Save Money on Soaring Fuel Prices  
There does not appear to be any relief in sight for the pain at the gas pump.
Experts on saving money on fuel prices recommend:

    •    Drivers make sure that their car tires are properly inflated to get the most miles out of a tank of gas.
    •    Drivers try not to stack anything on top of their car. If headed on a trip or moving, packing anything on the roof of the vehicle will create extra weight that works against the gas mileage.
    •    Drivers can save money on fuel prices by sticking with regular unleaded gas.
There are many easy ways you can reduce your gas consumption, keep cash in your pocket, and be a better contributor to the environment.
Use public transportation. Ride the bus, ride your bike, or walk.
Combine errands and walk between stops. Can you go to the grocery store and the post office in one trip rather than two? Can you walk from the pharmacy to the tailor without re-parking?
Slow it down. If you are driving, remember the faster you go the faster you burn fuel. And rapid acceleration is a big gas-burner, too. Use cruise control when you can on the highway.
Keep your tires well-inflated. Inflated tires help you get better gas mileage. It’s good to check your tires at least once per month.
Keep it light. Remove any unneeded weight from the car. Your fuel efficiency is highest when your vehicle is light and aerodynamic. Also remove any car racks you’re not using as they create drag.
Try to park in the shade. Gasoline evaporates out of your tank, and sitting in the hot sun speeds up that process. Parking in the shade also keeps it cooler inside, and you will need less air conditioning to cool off when you get back in.
If you’re in the market for a car, please consider a low or no emissions vehicle. A hybrid can be a good option, or you can get a diesel and then use bio diesel fuel.
Or what about a motorcycle or scooter instead of a car? These two-wheel options are much cheaper than cars and they often get 70 mpg or better. You’ll save a ton of money on fuel prices over a car. Gas prices just seem to be getting higher and higher, no matter where you live, so saving money on fuel prices is important.

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