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Everyday we receive some sort of tip.  A little tip to a large tip, but do we follow them?  It all depends on the tip we receive.  And it also depends on who is giving us the tip.  Or, how important is the information that youíre getting?  One of the important tips of today is saving money on fuel prices.  The price of gas has rocketed beyond belief and is still climbing, so any tips on saving money on fuel prices is important.  Some of those tips we receive on saving money on fuel prices include:

    ● Use the fuel grade that your car calls for, not the highest grade

    ● Keep your engine in tune

    ● Make sure tires have right amount of air; not less and not more

    ● Try to avoid unnecessary driving-less traffic, less stop and start

    ● Try to avoid overloading the car with passengers or materials

    ● Watch your speed.  Donít speed up and then slow down.

    ● Unload the car for less weight

    ● Roll down your windows and donít use air conditioner if possible

    ● No fast stepping on gas to rev your car up

    ● Idling your engine causes more use of gas

    ● Try to get more car pools going

These are a few of the tips for saving money on fuel prices.  All of them should be implemented when considering the price of gas and how we can save money when running our vehicles.  Another way to save money is when you are buying a new vehicle consider one that has better gas mileage.  There are a lot of vehicles that are available now that can save gas with the mileage.  Toyota and Mazda build some of the cars that get more mileage to the gallon of gas.  Driving at a constant speed of 55 mphís is also a good gas saver.

Tips could go on forever and ever, as there are so many.  But following the tips is the question.  Maybe itís easier to not follow the tips and just complain about the gas prices.  It really doesnít take much to follow the tips and get your vehicle in shape.  It might even be easier to trade in the gas guzzler for one that is good on gas.  Now that is a plan that would work.  A new car out of the deal and one that saves money on fuel.  Now thatís a tip worth following.

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