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  How To Work With Master Resell Rights  
What you do with master resell rights is the same that you would do with a plain resell rights product. However, since there are some additional things that you can sell  you will be able to do slightly more than when you are selling products with resell rights.

If you come across a great product with resell rights contact the creator of the product and see if you can get exclusive master resell rights as well. Once you have the master resell rights then you can add a well designed sales page that has great graphics. You can also include an instruction video that is professionally made and one that helps your potential resell rights customer. You can give your potential customers more than what others are offering.

The thank you page should be utilized fully. Your customers have purchased the resell rights product because they are in the business of selling resell rights products. In addition to your normal product offer them something extra for which resell rights are for sale. You should try and get as much money out of one sale as you possibly can. For this one time offers have proved very successful.

Your sales page should make it very clear that the product on offer has resell rights for sale as well. You may have two buttons on the sales page one for the product and another for the product including the resell rights. Another way to impress the buyer is to offer them the product with the resell right even if the buyer just wants the product.

Make sure that your resell rights are very valuable. You can do this by having a particular price for the product and a higher price for the product including the resell rights. The price difference should reflect the value of the resell rights. Do not short sell your resell rights as it reflects badly on your product.

Identify and market your product intelligently. For example if you are selling a product that is going to help patients of a particular disease then it makes sense that you market the product online where you are more likely to find potential customers with that disease. However if you want to market the product with resell rights you will have to market the product where you will find people who are more enterprising and interested in doing a business.

Find out the creators of resell products and get on their mailing list. This way you will be notified every time there is a product with resell rights for sale much before it floods the market.

The product creator retains the right to sell the master resell rights to any number of customers. So, don't try to keep the rights with the hope that the market will remain fresh. If you don't sell the rights someone else will and in the process you loose all the money.

It would be foolish to assume that everybody is aware of the resell rights of the product online. Every day new people get online with the hope of starting a new business, so keep a close watch on the rankings your sales page gets on the search engine results page.

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