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  How To Set Prices For Products With Resell Rights And Reap The Profits  
In the virtual capitalist market, there are no restrictions as to what prices can be set by you for selling your products with resell rights. The pricing, however, has to be just right to entice your clients to buy your products on one hand while you reap in the profits from those sales on the other.

Just as beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder, so too will the perceived value of your products along with the resell rights lie in the eyes of your potential client. Your client will be thinking about his/her profits after observing your offer. There are different types of resell rights, which you can sell along with your products. There are private label rights, which are the costliest rights, followed by master resell rights, and the most basic are the basic resell rights. You can either bundle your product's price along with the resell rights rates or you can even set a separate price for your product and different prices for your different resale rights. That would also benefit your clients since they would now have a choice of buying your product along with the resell rights of their choice.

Pricing is critical when selling a product since pricing it too low might not necessary result in higher sales but in fact might be perceived by your would-be clients as trash or a outdated product. Again, putting too high a price on your product might take it out of reach of many of your intended clientèle and would result in low sales. So, attaching a reasonable price tag to your product could be the best way out. To get a feel of the reasonable rate, you could try asking a few of your friends or even total strangers as to what they think would be a price, which they would be willing to pay for the product along with different resell rights. Try a little test marketing before going in for an all out sale. If it is ebooks that you plan to sell, then pass a few to your select friends and get their review first. This will give you an accurate idea as to the range in which you could price your product. It would be better too, if your clients maintain a decent profit margin when they resell your product instead of just trying to dump it on the market with a ridiculously low profit margin. This will devalue your product and also put a halt to future sales of that product. However, if all goes well and your clients are sensible enough to add a decent profit margin, then your product could literally start flying off those virtual shelves. This could not only result in healthy sales and margins but could also have a positive impact on your future sales since your clients would definitely like to repeat the same experience with you in the future.

Thus if the profit chain continues down to the last level, then everyone could be in a win-win situation and especially you, who could be sitting on top of the product chain and really reap the profits.

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