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  Becoming An eBay Power Seller  
eBay offers its sellers the opportunity to become a power seller when they meet a specified list of criteria. Becoming an eBay power seller can give you a lot more presence on eBay, help you attract more customers, and even save you money on eBayís final value fees. There are almost 200 million users on eBay, and it can be hard to set yourself apart from everyone else - but power seller status can help.

Itís estimated that less than 4% of all eBay sellers are branded with the power seller status. Thatís a small minority of the sellers available to the buyers on eBay. Boost your eBay business to get yourself into the power seller category, and you to can be a part of these elite group. But how exactly do you go about getting there?

eBay power sellers consistently sell a high volume of items, must maintain a minimum of a 98% positive feedback ratings, and provide a high quality of service to their buyers. The power seller icon is displayed next to your username when you achieve power seller status, helping buyers quickly determine who is among the cream of the selling crop. Buyers know that quality sellers are synonymous with the power seller status.

Power sellers are listed under one of the five power selling tiers: bronze, silver, gold, platinum, and titanium. Each tier requires you to meet the monthly minimum sales for at least the past three months to get in on that tier. For each tier, the respective minimums are: $1,000, $3,000, $10,000, $25,000, and $150,000. Obviously, $150,000 a month is a hard number to hit, but you can make a respectable $3,000 a month through selling on eBay with ease, and enjoy power seller status at the silver level.

Power selling isnít focused on just your sales, of course - high quality customer service is the most important criterion for become a power seller. Power sellers consistently provide their buyers with customer service that breaks the eBay mold, by going above and beyond their call of duty to make their buyers happy. That may seem rather daunting, especially to a stay at home mom who is only looking to rake in some extra dough for spending money, but itís really not all that difficult. Itís the little things that count, like the extra e-mail thanking your customers for their loyalty, a handwritten note in every package telling buyers you appreciate their business, or throwing in an extra something small with your items to let buyers know that you care about their happiness.

These are things that you can easily do with just a couple seconds of effort. When youíre sealing up the package to be sent off to the buyer, you can write out a quick note while the kids are taking their naps. While youíre doing the weekly grocery shopping, pick up a stock of cheap items that your customers would appreciate to throw in with your packages. Holiday-themed goodies, like candy, are always a good idea around special occasions.

These little extras are all you need to get yourself that coveted power seller status. With not much work on your part, you too can enjoy the benefits of a power seller, and watch your eBay business boom.

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