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  How To Make the Most From Your AdWords Campaign  
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  Pay Per Click Marketing Mistakes You Must Avoid  
Pay per click advertising is growing immensely and major search engines are making millions from it. This means many firms are investing here and that is why the rate of growth of pay per click marketing is at a massive 41% annually! This clearly indicates that if you have to enter the business, then you need to tread with care before you end up making fruitless campaigns that will cost you a lot.

Fruitless campaigns are ones where you pay large amounts of money to the search engines, but due to your mistakes in the strategy planning, you will not be able to attract traffic to your website as desired. This could be because of lack of proper research to know exactly what is required of you in the campaign. Research is very vital. Today, the business world is very competitive and marketers are doing all they can to reach their customers and offer them what other competing firms are not offering. I donít mean products or services as such, but something like better prices or better services. It will be a failure if you are offering a camera at 1000 dollars only to realize later that there is another person giving away the same camera at a lesser price.

You should therefore not dive into the business with unsupported assumptions. Donít assume that you are the only one selling African antiques at a certain rate. There might be thousands others out there doing the same business and offering even better rates. This is where you need to gather information on various aspects involved. For example, you should be able to know what people are searching for mostly and then select your key words with that in mind. There are various tools you can use to know this. There are services like WordTracker and Wordze which will help you know which are the most sought words related to your products or services.

And talking of keywords, donít make the mistake of assuming that any keyword, especially the one directly mentioning your products will be able to attract traffic to your site. You need to research on this too. You should list as many keywords as you can, say even ten to twenty thousand words. Once you do this, you should then group them so that you can attract as many customers as possible. After grouping your keywords, enter them into the search engines platform. But donít make a mistake of just relaxing and waiting for action. You should have a tracking system to know how many people are clicking on your links and which keywords are bringing in more people. Revise your keywords each week to so that you can thin them down or replace the ones that are not bringing you customers.

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