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  Why Niche Marketing  
Essentially, niche marketing is narrowing the focus on your potential market and creating products and services directed at this targeted audience.

Both big and small companies, businesses just starting out and businesses that have been around forever, use the niche marketing scheme. However, it is usually sought out by smaller businesses that have a special product for a specific group of people.

An example of a niche product is healthy-lifestyle meals. This is directed towards the niche market of health conscious individuals or those who want to become fit and thin. Thus the niche marketing would focus on promoting active living, losing weight and feeling and looking your best both inside and out.

Niche marketing pulls away from the mainstream market and focuses on a smaller sector of potential customers.
But why?

Why would you want to narrow the market to include less people?
Wouldnít you want to attract the most people possible in order to produce the most sales?

Not necessarily. And hereís why:

Even though you are limiting your focus area in numbers, through niche marketing you are getting the clients who want what you specifically are selling or offering. This allows you to focus your marketing towards this niche, saving precious time, money and energy.

For example, say you create a mainstream marketing strategy targeting 100,000 people. However, only 1 per cent is actually interested. Thatís a lot of wasted marketing effort and money to only attract 1,000 customers. However, say you use niche marketing, focusing your attention to a certain target of 10,000 people. Out of those 10,000, 20 per cent are interested and youíre left with double the number of customers.

Even though niche marketing limits the number of people you are directing your product or service to, it attracts more customers. People see hundred of advertisements a day and donít even blink. They do not connect or make focus with these products. They literally look right through them.

On average, only twelve advertisements stick into a personís brain per day.

These are the advertisements directed towards their niche, towards products or services that they could actually use. And this is why niche marketing works.

So, ask yourself. Do you want to promote a product that hundreds of people look through everyday? Or, do you want your product to be one of the twelve that remain in focus?

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