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  Understanding the Effects of Niche Marketing  
Have you ever been to a store and been blown away by the specific selection, the knowledgeable sales staff and the quality of goods?

Or, perhaps you’ve noticed an advertisement that targets exactly what you’re looking for in the precise setting you’d use it in, even applying the same mind frame and attitude that you possess.  

Well, if you have, you’ve been affected by niche marketing.

Niche marketing is a type of marketing geared towards a certain group of people for a specific product. Businesses use niche marketing by gearing their advertisements towards this certain niche hoping to attract the right group of people to their product or service.

Some may think that niche marketing seems like a silly waste of time and effort. Why focus on one type of populace when you can attract all sorts of types.

Although mainstream markets use this method, appropriately called ‘mainstream marketing’, to attract a larger clientele, niche marketing helps specific markets prosper because of their individuality and unique attitude towards quality of service and goods.

But is this actually effective? Does niche marketing actually work on the average customer?

A good way to understand the effects on niche marketing is by putting yourself in the consumer position.

Ask yourself, what would you do?

Let’s say you discovered you had a heart problem and needed special pills to stay healthy. Would you go to WalMart where the marketing suggests it’s the one stop shop for everything from underwear to bleach? Would you pick out the generic brand of heart pills, most likely sold to you by a teenager? Would you trust your health to something as impersonal and generic as WalMart?

Or, would you go to a specific health store where the niche marketing focuses on personal care and attention directed at each and every customer? Would you choose the store where the sales assistant actually understands what you need and what would work best? When it comes to something as important as your health, would you really risk it?

Most wouldn’t. This is one of the reasons niche marketing is so effective and why finding your perfect niche market is one of the best things you can do for your business.

Leave WalMart in charge of generic socks.
Leave Costco in charge of bulk diapers.
Leave niche marketing in charge of finding the right clients for your business.
And leave those mainstream markets behind.

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