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  Niche Marketing for Visibility and Accessibility  
If you believe that defining your niche market means choosing a hard, cramped, and confining space, no wonder you resist.
People who bring their heart and soul to their work will resist niche marketing that tells them they must restrict the ways in which they offer value to the world. The good news is that choosing your niche market will do exactly the opposite. It will free you to be the biggest, most authentic, and most complete offer possible.
A good niche market is one in which:

        You are highly visible and easily accessible to the people who are most likely to benefit from your work, including prospective clients and customers, prospective collaborators and partners, and others with whom value-adding activities are most likely to be mutually beneficial.
        You can employ the widest range of your talents, skills, and training.
The key to your online niche marketing strategy will be recognizing and defining an unfilled or partially filled niche.
If your company doesn't have the mammoth clout of a Fortune 500 corporation, then you must find a niche between the immense players and adapt yourself to thrive there. And that's what small companies can learn to do very successfully, filling small voids left by the big players.
How can small businesses thrive if the niches seem pretty narrow indeed? So long as you can deliver your goods or services across distances, on the Internet your marketplace is the nation. And, if you have the vision for it, the world.
To succeed you must be able to see the Internet's hugeness as a market, and at the same time comprehend that even the narrowest kind of business can find enough customers to thrive.
What are you good at? What do you enjoy? What are you strong in? What do you have to offer that is fairly unique? How can you leverage your present strengths? Take what you know and let it empower your vision to see clearly the niches out there.
Look to the customers you know best. What are they asking for? What would they like? What keeps them from fully realizing their own success? You may have some key insights. You may be able to develop a new or improved product, service, or business process that, coupled with the Internet, can make a big difference. It's your interest and training that gives you the vision to see these opportunities. Look closely at the niches.

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