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  Lighting Methods To Make Your Home Sparkle  
As part of indoor lightings, incandescent light bulbs have dominated residential and commercial lightings for most part of the last century, and are still commonly used in various places. However, this traditional light bulb raises several questions, in terms of effectiveness and efficiency, as well as environmental concerns. But as opposed to the olden days, today there are many options available for indoor lightings, and the industry is in a state of flux, where there are a whole lot of options available, but no standards set yet. It is estimated that in less than five years our homes will be illuminated with a combination of incandescent, fluorescents and LEDs! Lets look at every type of lighting available today, from old to new.

Incandescent Light Bulbs
These light bulbs have hardly changed in basic technology since Thomas Edison invented them in the late 19th century. The bulb consists of a glass chamber filled with an inert gas, and a tungsten filament that emits light. The positive aspects of using these light bulbs are that they are inexpensive, and widely available, and used everywhere. However, these bulbs are highly inefficient, and waste a huge amount of power drawn. By some estimates, incandescent light bulbs waste as much as 90% of the power in the form of heat radiated, and are thus a major cause of concern for environmentalists. As a result, many countries are planning and taking steps to completely phase out them in the near future. But till then, it remains the best and the cheapest form of indoor lighting.

CFL Bulbs
Fluorescent lighting consists of phosphor powder that glows when energized by certain gases. However, fluorescent lights have improved and developed a lot in past few years, and are now available in compact sizes. While these are not priced at the levels of incandescent light bulbs, they are also not very costly. However, these are still costly enough not to be affordable by everyone and this is a major obstacle in shifting completely to CFLs. Some countries are taking steps to replace incandescent light bulbs completely with CFLs. But these are not exactly very safe as they contain mercury, which is a hazardous chemical, and needs special disposal and treatment.

Light Emitting Diodes, in which solid-state semi-conductors are used to emit light, are a recent invention. While LED has been around, and used for some time now, it is used in home lighting, and other form of indoor lighting. However, it is not very widespread in application yet. A new innovation made with organic laminate are being tested, and developed to perfection for future use. Alarm clocks with LED displays were the first and today it is part of a variety of domestic appliances.

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