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  Keeping the elderly mobile - Ways to make your multi-level home accessible  
A home is one of the biggest investments an individual makes in his entire life. However, if you wish to invest in a dream house of two or three storeys, then lend a thought to the accessibility by the elders in the family. Donít be disheartened and think of settling for a single story house. You can surely pursue your dreams with some thought, as today you can select from numerous available options like-

Stair lift- This would be an ideal choice for those elderly people who can walk around on flat ground comfortably as well as manage stairs slowly. Some stairs are equipped with swivel seats that enable senior people to move on conveniently and there are many models that can be folded and kept against the wall for storage. These run on batteries and are hence safe even if you have electricity problems. These stair lifts are not heavy and weighs around 300 lbs. They suit every home décor.

Wheelchair lift- This option is larger in size compared to the stair lifts and they can comfortably carry the person and his or her wheelchair. Wheelchair lifts have maximum optional features like obstruction sensors, emergency stop switches, handrails and anti slip flooring. These lifts come in two varieties, the shaft model and the open air model. As per your specific needs, you can choose from the available platform layouts, like for example if your house has space for a stairway access then you can opt for wheelchair incline lift as these can go well through your existing stairway. These come in 180 colors and hence you donít have to think much about selecting one to blend with the interiors.

Elevator- This option is costly as compared to all the other available options and should be only used by people with disabilities. Some add this accessory for mere style as it adds market value when you plan to sell your home. This accessibility model works on a hydraulic system and is quieter than a refrigerator. It can make around four to five stops and adds class to any home décor.

Carpeting may reduce the step size, but may be dangerous as you can slip. Try and keep the lighting sources over the top as well as at the bottom of stairways so as to reduce shadows. Always try and change the lighting levels between the stairways and surrounding areas to allow some time for the eyes to adjust to the light. These safety measures can increase accessibility for the visual impaired as well as the baby boomers. Think of all these options keeping your loved ones in mind. If your loved ones are unable to move up and down the stairs due to some handicap, then you must always think of some alternatives. The alternatives can lessen your hassle and trauma and professionals fix them in a matter of a few hours.

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