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  Installing hardwood floors the easy way  
You may have bought hardwood flooring so that you can add something stylish to your home décor. Thereís no doubt that hardwood flooring enhances the value of your home and hence, the hardwood flooring is always viewed as an investment rather than just another expense. Although the life of your hardwood flooring is influenced by its maintenance, the technique of hardwood installation also plays a very important role in determining the life of the flooring.

It can be quite difficult for you as an amateur to take care of the entire installation process all by yourself. However, there are some tips to help you through the installation process. You can call some friends over and take their help in ripping off the old flooring. The next thing that you need to do is pull out those doorjambs so that you donít have to cut them off later. Before installing the new hardwood flooring, it is important that you cover up the floor surface with some sort of a sub floor first. This levels any gaps being present between the ground and the hardwood floor.

Once you have leveled the ground using the sub floor, as an under layer, use rosin paper for your hardwood floor. Then begins the layout process of your hardwood flooring, where you have to make perfect base lines so that your installation process will go according to your floor layout plan. This is exactly where the difficult part begins. After the hardwood flooring installation, you have to get on with the sanding process. This is a physically demanding task and hence it is always advised that you take some help from your friends in this matter. Renting a sander will help a lot in this matter. But be aware that it can be really noisy, so you better get some earplugs along with some eye protection gear.

One important thing to be kept in mind during the sanding process is to keep your windows open. If there is a gap between your hardwood floor and the wall, you cannot work on the area with your regular sanding equipment. This will require a specialized tool like the edge sander that can help you level the gaps. The sanding should be going in the same direction.

In order to make your hardwood installation process easy, the first and foremost thing that you have to do is to get familiar with the different types of hardwood available in the market. Once you have done that, get familiar with the tools and the equipment that you will need for the installation process. If you are still nervous to take up the challenge, drive to the nearest home improvement store and ask the professionals for their advice.

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