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  Red Wine and Red Meat Pairing  
One of the easiest choices people can make in wine is when serving red meats such as beef, steak and veal. Unlike some other meat varieties, red wines are fairly standard for red meats and the varieties are limited only by the choice of the party host. The red meats fall safely into the wine protocol of serving red wine with red meat and though some people choose to serve a white wine with these meats, they still remain part of the wine protocol. If you stay with the red wine varieties you can be certain your wine will complement your food.

The choice you make is a personal one and with red meat you can choose either a dry wine, fruity wine, Italian red or another variety. If you are serving pasta or another Italian dish you may want to choose one of the Italian red wines to complement your meal. Keep in mind that if you are serving a salad you donít want to serve wine with the salad because of the vinegar content though you may serve wine with cheese and fried appetizers.

A good rule of thumb is to plan your party menu in enough time to allow for some research on the type of wine you should serve. This is especially important if you are the type of person who only buys wine for special dinner parties instead of keeping it in the house all the time. Planning ahead allows you enough time to find what you need and purchase it ahead of time instead of having to rush on the day of the party. You also need to make sure you know how to store and serve the wine. If you choose a wine served cold, you have to make sure you purchase it in enough time for it to chill thoroughly before you serve it.

The quality of the wine you choose will affect the meal you serve. If you can find the right wine at a cheaper price then you should do it but do not sacrifice flavor for price. Sometimes cheaper brands of red wine do not have the varieties you want to serve to your guests, so you want to make certain of that before you choose. If you are the type of person that serves wine with dinner on a regular basis, it probably doesnít matter greatly but when you are serving red wine to your guests you want to choose something of higher quality.

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