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  Presenting Your Host with a Bottle of Wine  
Probably one of the most difficult things to do is to present your party host with a bottle of wine. If you know before you arrive what the menu will be, it is much easier than if you have no idea of the menu. What is a safe choice? Should you bring white, red, or sparkling wine?  You don’t need to fret over it too much because in all likelihood your host or hostess already has purchased wine for the party, so what you bring will restock what they have used at another party if it is not suitable for the current party. The only thing you may wish to avoid is Champagne as most people only have Champagne as a toast for special occasions and not as a dinner or after dinner drink.

You are always safe with dry red, Italian red or fruity red since most hostesses tend to serve some kind of red meat such as roast or steak. Sometimes you will find chicken but that is not as big of a party food as stead of beef. This is especially true of beef that can be sliced thinly and simmered for sandwiches throughout the party. Chicken is a little more difficult to keep warm throughout a party, so it is usually only served for a sit down dinner party rather than a buffet style party. You might also choose to bring a dessert wine as your contribution to the host since it can be for most all situations.

When you bring a bottle of wine to present your host or hostess, almost make sure it is chilled when you arrive in case they want to use it for that evening’s party. It is very difficult to chill wine quickly in an ice bucket if it has not already been chilled prior to serving. You want to be as accommodating as possible by bringing a bottle of wine that is already chilled—of course, if it is very cold outside, this may not be necessary depending on the temperature in your car on the drive to the party. Even if you have purchased a bottle that is wrapped in gift paper, chill it before you leave for the party—if the host does not need it that night, at least you showed the foresight by coming prepared with a cold bottle of wine.

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