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  Planning a Wine Tasting Party  
If youíre looking for something different, you might want to think about having a wine tasting party. Although the real tasters are professionals, you can plan something at your house with your friends and family and make it great fun. You have to remember, however, that they are not supposed to drink the wine, something that is very difficult for the average person to do. Just place a small amount of wine in a glass, sloshed around and then placed in the mouth onto the tongue where the taste swishes it around like mouthwash in order to get the full taste of the wine without swallowing it.

What some people do when they have home wine tasting parties is award prizes for those who are able to refrain from drinking the wine. They may also choose someone who holds the wine the longest without swallowing it. There are many different events you can plan to revolve around a wine tasting party. The key is that you are planning a fun event for everyone to enjoy while at the same time allowing your guests to have an opportunity to taste different wines they may not ordinarily try at any other time.

Sometimes people also stage wine tasting parties for a fund-raising event. Again, everyone can have fun while helping their favorite organization at the same time. Although wine tasting events for fund raising are usually staged by organizations, that doesnít mean an individual person cannot do it with the proper credentials and any licensing that is required. You can enjoy time with your friends and relatives while raising money for a good cause at the same time. Itís probably one of the easiest parties to plan because you donít have to worry about too many games or activities. The only down side is that you probably donít want your guests to bring their children, so that may affect the number of people that show up.

If you want to plan a wine tasting party whether for a fund raiser or for fun, you may want to find someone who provides wine in small portions so that you donít have to buy large bottles of wine for a handful of guests. You may need to go directly to the manufacturer but if they are new brands or varieties, the manufacturer may be willing to provide samples at a reduced cost just for the exposure.

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