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  Making Accomodations For Non-Drinking Guests  
What do you do for those guests who are either underage or do not drink alcohol? Itís easy to say to serve them soft drinks, but what if they donít want a soft drink? They donít drink but they want to put on the premise that they are drinking, so you accommodate them by purchasing wine coolers. Wine coolers have a very small amount of alcohol but still have the taste of wine. Although those who donít drink may not be very fussy, those who are underage will be happy to have the opportunity to ďpretendĒ they are actually drinking. You have to look at the labels on the wine coolers because some of them have more alcohol content than others do, and if you are serving to teenagers, you want to have the lowest alcohol content possible.

Wine coolers come in a variety of flavors and are even available in a sparkling variety for those who want to pretend they are drinking champagne. If you arenít sure what your guests would prefer, have a variety available. You must still be careful with your underage guests because if they drink too many wine coolers, they will still be able to become inebriated, especially if they are not eating at the same time. The only difference in wine coolers is that they have less alcohol, but anyone can make up for that but drinking more of them in order to obtain the same effect.
You can purchase wine coolers either in large bottles as you do ordinary wine or in individual size bottles. Depending where you live you may be able to purchase them in the grocery store, but in some states you must still go to the liquor store to purchase them since they still have a certain amount of alcohol. The prices will vary also depending on the brand and where you purchase the wine coolers. Although less expensive than regular win, they are more expensive than soft drinks or sparkling water.

Look at your guest list before you purchase wine coolers so that you know how many people will be drinking them. You should have an idea how many non-drinkers including teenagers you will have at your party and how many non-drinkers prefer soft drinks to wine coolers. The sooner you can have everything set up, the sooner you can proceed with other preparations for your party.

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