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  How to Store Wine  
For those who do not have the luxury of having a wine cellar, it’s important to make sure you know how to store any wine you have. Not all wine needs stored in the refrigerator nor does it have to be standing or lying flat. In fact some wines maintain their life better if they are in the refrigerator on their side. On the other hand other wines are better in a wine storage rack or in a wine cellar. It depends on the particular wine, so you must make sure you know the storage recommendations for each wine you buy.

Don’t think you can avoid the recommendations for storing your wife because if you don’t store it properly, it will lose its flavor and not last as long as it should. Any wine is very sensitive and as such requires a great deal of care. That means storing it properly and at the proper temperature. In most cases a wine cabinet is perfect because it is designed to hold wine in the proper position, but you may need to make sure you store it at the proper temperature. If you have a basement, the temperature there should remain cool enough for your wine to retain its flavor. The type of wine you are storing will determine the proper storing procedure, and it is essential you follow that process perfectly in order to keep your wine at the proper temperature for the longest life.

Wine is intended to be better with age, but it also depends on proper storage. Remember, all of these 100-200 year old wines were stored in a wine cellar for all those years—today people do not ordinarily have wine cellars so the storage is somewhat different. That doesn’t mean that we can no longer keep wine for centuries as we once did, but the process is just a little more complicated, at least for people who live in apartments or homes without basements. Many restaurants and bars still have wine cellars, but it is rare to find a homeowner who has one. If you keep a great deal of wine in your home, you may want to make the investment into a wine rack so that all of your wines will be stored together and at the proper temperature to keep them fresh.  You can then bring them out as necessary for placement in the refrigerator when you are ready to open the bottles.

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