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  Do Wine Glasses Matter?  
When it comes to serving wine at your next dinner party, you have probably spent a good amount of time picking out the right type of wine. Have you thought about the right type of wine glass though? Wine glasses are available in a variety of shapes and sizes and generally they are priced to match in size and quality. Yet, for many people, there is a lot of confusion over what type of wine glass to purchase. Does it actually matter?

To some degree it can matter what type of glass you serve wine in. First, consider the options. Tall thin glasses are not necessarily meant for wine. It is important to note that these are champagne flutes and designed this way to accommodate the high top that happens when champagne is poured (and their small width helps to make it look like you have more than you do, especially good with high priced items.) Wine glasses should have a more rounded middle and do not need to be very tall. They may or may not have a large stem on them. Most should fit nicely between the index finger and the middle finger when held in your hand, so that your hand can easily cup the actual bowl of the glass.

Wine glass quality can be important, but only to the point of being functional. Some of the very best crystal is very thin and can easily break. It is best to have a more heavy piece so that it sits properly and provides more stability for the drinker. In addition to this, you want the wine glass to be easy to pick up and not likely to break if they chime together in a toast.

Besides this, you may be asking, why in the world does the type of glass matter? In truth, all you need is a larger bowl on wine glasses. This allows for you to slowly swirl the wine around. Doing this helps to activate the small molecules within it which provides you with the better flavour and the best overall texture. This is especially true in fine wines and in homemade wines where you want to have a good ability to taste the wine closely.

Give it a try. Try using several different shaped glasses to find out just what type of difference it makes overall. You may be impressed with the subtle differences in the wine's flavour.

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