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  Conducting Your Job Search  
There is no one method of conducting a job search that will provide better results than another. However, it is important to keep in mind that the job market today is different than it was even ten years ago and many employers refuse to see applicants until they have seen a resume first. At the same time, very few employers will accept resumes unless they have a job opening available. The other problem is that employers are also no longer accepting resumes without knowing specifically what a job applicant is seeking. It makes it easier for the employer but more difficult for the job applicant who is seeking to work his or her way into the perfect job.

Where is the best place to start? Since many employers today are utilizing online resources this may be your best bet. With so many job posting sites, it’s a good idea to look at several job posting boards rather than just one or two. Although some may be more popular than others, they are not the only ones employers utilize. You want to exercise all of your options and you can only do that if you take the time to look at all of the job boards that her available online. Never assume that all employers use what you perceive to be the most popular site. That is the same as thinking that all employment agencies will have the same job listings—a serious mistake in judgment.

Since only 20% of available jobs are posted in the local newspaper, does that mean you should not use that as a source? Of course you should not eliminate using your local newspaper advertisements but you should not limit yourself to that source. If you are a serious job seeker, you want to make use of any and all resources that are available. The more potential resources you utilize, the better your chances are of finding the job that is perfect for you.

In addition, the more sources of job advertisements you search, the quicker you will be able to find a job. When you limit yourself to only a few resources you will not have access to everything that is available and will limit your search. The more resources you have available, the more options you open and the quicker you will be able to find the job that appeals to you the most.

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