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In order to get the perfect job you have to first pass the interview process and get to the hiring manager. That means you have to know how to conduct yourself at the interview in order to even pass the first stage. There are some places that will hire you directly without going through the hiring manager but you still have to pass the interview process to be hired. Many people just go to an interview and have no idea what they need to do or how to conduct oneself and end up losing the job because of it.

One of the places many people go wrong at interviews is not having a clue about the company or the position. Not all companies ask that question but you have to be prepared. It makes you look foolish if you don’t know anything about the company. They assume if you want to work for them you will take the time to find something out about the company. You do not have to know a great deal, but you should at least know what the company does and the types of products or services they provide.

Before the interview you should also prepare a list of questions you want to ask the interviewer. Most of the time the interviewer will ask if you have any questions, and if you don’t have any, the consensus is that you are not concerned enough to ask any questions rather than that the interviewer covered everything. However, if he or she does not offer the information, you do not ask about the salary at the interview. This is something that is against interview protocol and should never be asked until a job offer is made. Most interviewers will discuss the salary as part of the interview process but if that is not the case, do not ask.

If you are not sure where the company is located, leave extra early for the interview or do a dry run the day before your interview. You want to avoid being late by getting lost, and though this may not be possible if the company is out of town or you are leaving from another job, make every effort to make sure you know exactly where the company is. If you are not sure and cannot leave early from another job, make sure you obtain explicit directions from the company where you are going.

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