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  Getting rid of confidence crushers  
A short time ago it was heard that a revered and highly intellectual person working in a reputed organization had been summoned to address a speech to young management trainees. The gentleman prepared very well and had written a laudable and motivating speech. He was to give a lecture on ĎPublic speaking skillsí. This was not the first time that he was called upon to give speech. The D-day arrived and he seemed to be in very high spirits.

The moment he was introduced to the students, he got up and was about to give his speech when things started becoming hazy in front of his eyes. All of a sudden he was utterly blank and couldnít reminisce anything he had prepared. After faltering for a few minutes, he walked away feeling utterly embarrassed and shell-shocked by the turn of events.

Now, what happened here could be passed on as a common episode. But if you think intensely you will realize that the person was suffering from lack of confidence that has never happened to him on previous occasions. He had done his homework well, yet there can be times when people go berserk just seeing a huge crowd and tend to forget things or become totally nervous. This can happen to any professional speaker and not just amateur ones.

If such a situation arises itís better not to panic. Be calm and think about the reasons. Try attempting to speak again after a few minutes. Start the conversation on a lighter note maybe by cracking a joke or talking about an anecdote from your childhood. Then you may find it comfortable to address the crowd.

The main thing that can crush your confidence is low self-esteem. Think high about yourself. Be optimistic in life about everything. You may find a drastic change in your attitude also. Cultivate the habit of speaking a lot with people around you. Donít have a reserved attitude. Above all donít have secret fears or nagging doubts about your personality.

Try and be among the circle of people who think highly about you. If you are caught in the midst of people who leave no stone unturned to criticize or blame you then you will be paralyzed by lack of confidence. Also remember not to be over confident about things. Make sure that you have an effective balance between the both.

Confidence can drastically crush down if you have an egocentric attitude. You should accept your imperfections and work on them rather than thinking very highly about you. Also try not to have any feelings of resentment or guilt about yourself as this can deter your confidence level from growing. If you have this inward feeling of achieving perfection at any cost, it can lead to problems in your level of self-assurance. There is no need for you to be perfect in everything.

If you have an ĎI canít do thisí attitude, then make an effort to change this. Confidence can be crushed if you arenít able to believe on all the things you can do. Also if you are constantly comparing yourself with other people, it can impede your level of confidence. Itís always easy to have self-assurance, but extremely intricate to regain lost confidence.

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