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Invite Friends to your Facebook page

A great way to boost your business is to use Facebook. Many businesses are picking up on the extremely successful method. Facebook has helped an enormous amount of businesses grow and expand beyond belief. Of course, it is not so hard to believe when you think of all the ways that you can promote your business on the Facebook website. After all, the Facebook website has more than two hundred million active members and the website just continues to grow. A great way that you can help your business on Facebook is to invite friends to Facebook.

How inviting friends to Facebook can help business

There are numerous different ways that you can do this and allow it to help your business. If you have a physical business location, make sure that you inform your customers of your physical business location about your Facebook page. The next way that you can go about this is to encourage all of your current Facebook friends to invite their friends to your Facebook page.

This would work in a “refer a friend” sort of method. These sorts of methods would be beneficial to your business because of these reasons:

•    Sometimes people over look the activity of their friends on Facebook

•    People are more influenced by their friends. If a friend actually recommends that they check out your Facebook page, then they are more likely to do so

•    If you have an email list for your business, send out emails to your email list and inform them about your Facebook page

•    Provide incentive to customers about referring friends to your Facebook page. For instance, offer a discount of some sort or free shipping. You could even throw in a small gift for referring the friend

•    Encourage customers and friends to refer other people to your Facebook page that are not already aware of your business

•    There is an invite friend to Facebook option on Facebook. You, yourself can send an email to someone inviting them to join the Facebook community and even add a personal message informing them to check out your Facebook profile if they join

•    The more people that are on Facebook, then the more people that you can reach. This means there is more potential for more customers.

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