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Since the popularity of the internet has continued to grow, so have the news reports and stories about security on the internet. It seems like we are constantly hearing about internet predators, identity theft, phishing, and hacking. Each time that we get on the internet the thought is always lingering in the back of our minds, is this website secure?

This very question is a question that is not just lingering in the back of our minds, it is being asked when it comes to the popular social website known as Facebook. How secure is Facebook?
How secure is the Facebook website?

It would be nice to say that Facebook is a completely secure website that you should have no worries about; however, this is not the case. Facebook is not a completely insecure sight though. The advancements in technology have allowed the security of Facebook to be increased.

There have been numerous breaches in Facebook security in the past, and here are some of the ways that security has been altered:

•    Facebook security has been hindered through phishing scandals. Phishing is the fraudulent activity of a third party posing to be the Facebook website. The reason behind these “phishing scandals” is to gain personal information such as email addresses, passwords, and other personal information
•    Facebook security has also been hindered through hacking efforts of virtual criminals who hack in to the Facebook accounts of Facebook members. This is also an effort to gain access to personal information

•    The Facebook website has also suffered from other security issues such as identity theft and internet predators

Every time that the Facebook security team notices a scandal occurring, they are quick to fix the problem. The Facebook website has implemented numerous different security features in order to lessen the amount of security issues on the website.

This is not to say that security can not be breached at all, but the chances are not as high.
How to avoid being a Victim:

The ways to avoid being a victim of these fraudulent activities are simple, and may be common sense to a lot of us.

But here are some great ways to avoid being a victim of security scandals.

•    Do not place any personal information on your Facebook profile

•    Do not share any bank information or credit card information on the Facebook website

•    Utilize your own security options on Facebook. For instance, make your Facebook profile private

•    Do not add every individual you receive a friend request from
•    Avoid sharing passwords of any kind on the Facebook website

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