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  Facebook vs Twitter for Business  
The social networking websites on the internet are incredibly popular. Utilizing the popularity of the social networking websites is a great way to grow your business. Business owners of all different sorts are capitalizing on the social networking website craze. Two of the most popular social networking websites on the internet today are Facebook and Twitter. If you are looking to take your business online to a social networking website, you may be torn between the two. Which social networking website will be the best website for your business? Will you see better results from Facebook or Twitter?

Facebook versus Twitter:

Both websites are incredibly popular and can provide you with a boost in business in virtually no time at all. But, which website should you join?


•    Facebook has well over 100 million registered members

•    Facebook has messaging features, status update features, comment features, and instant messaging features that do not require you to download anything

•    Facebook also allows you to create a full, in depth profile which allows you to create a “About” section for your business and upload photos. This means that you can give information about your business, upload photos of products, and include important information like prices and contact information

•    With Facebook, you can add friends, join causes, join groups, and become a fan of pages

•    You cannot add a large amount of friends at once or send a large amount of messages at one time

•    Numerous promotion tools

•    You can leave your profile public so that anyone can view your page and information


•    Twitter allows you to create a user profile, but it is not as in depth as Facebook

•    With Twitter, you have to “follow” an individual before you can read their updates

•    Twitter allows you to add as many friends as you wish at one time

•    Twitter allows you to update your status as many times as you would like, but so does Facebook

•    There are not as many promotion tools and opportunities as there are on Facebook.

To conclude the debate, if you are trying to decide whether joining Facebook or Twitter would be best for your business, then Facebook wins the match hands down. Facebook may seem a little more complicated than Twitter, but this is only because there is much more to Facebook. This means that there are more opportunities with Facebook. Facebook is the best option for businesses who are looking to jump on the bandwagon and take their business to the social networking websites.

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