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  Facebook status is powerful  
Your Facebook status is a very powerful tool. You can not force people on Facebook to look at your Facebook profile, but you can update your status which will show up on their Facebook page. You are bound to see results from updating your status, and your friends may be glad that they read the update if it is regarding a good sale.

Become a Fan of pages on Facebook for Business
If you are already a Facebook member, then you are probably well aware of the pages that you can “Become a Fan” of. These pages are all over Facebook and there are pages for almost anything that you can think of to be a fan of. You can become a fan of celebrities, bands, movies, places, family, stores, brands, products, some of life’s simple pleasures and luxuries, and animals just to name a small portion of some of the things you can become a fan of. There is practically a page for anything you can think of, even random things. Becoming a fan of things is a great way to get your business out there and known by other people. People who share common interest are likely to check out each others pages.

How becoming a fan of other pages is a great way to spread the word:

Becoming a fan of pages is a perfectly practical way of getting your business out there. The more active you are on Facebook, the more business you are likely to see. A great way to do this is to become a fan of pages. Here are some of the ways that becoming a fan could be beneficial to your business:

•    If you search for pages that are similar to what type of business you own, then become a fan of these pages. This will be extremely beneficial because your business is relevant to that page, and fans of that page will check out your profile

•    Become a fan of pages on Facebook that are not radical or controversial
•    Stick to being a fan of pages that are simple, like bands, movies, sports, celebrities, seasons, and so on
•    You can be a fan of happiness, peace, summer, massages, friends, family, love, etc
•    Avoid becoming fans of political parties or political figures
•    Avoid becoming a fan of anything political, beliefs, religion, or anything controversial

•    Becoming a fan of pages that are not controversial or radical is a great way to meet new people on Facebook, gain exposure, spread the word, promote, advertise, market, and help your business

You can reach a large audience

It is a simple way to reach an enormous audience of people. Imagine this: becoming a fan of one page could expose your business profile to thousands of people all at once. This is because each fan of that page will be able to see recent people who have also became a fan of that page.

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