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  How Facebook can be used in Viral Marketing  
If you have not heard about the social network website known as Facebook, then you are behind on the times. Facebook is one of the world’s most popular social networking websites today. There are more than two hundred million active Facebook members and the Facebook website just keeps on growing each and every day. With a website like Facebook who is a social networking website who has achieved an astonishing amount of success, it is no wonder that business and brands want to do advertising on the Facebook website. Viral marketing can be used on the Facebook website and here is how it can be used.

How Viral Marketing can be used on Facebook:

The whole concept behind viral marketing is to be done on a social network that already exists. Obviously, the Facebook website is a social networking website that not only already exists but also has a tremendous amount of members. It is one of the most popular and most successful social networking websites on the internet today. Viral marketing can easily be used on the Facebook website.
The purpose of viral marketing is to increase awareness or sales of an item, brand, product, or business among various other things. Here are the common ways that viral marketing schemes are conducted:
  • Flash Games, such as interactive games
  • Images
  • Videos
  • Advertisement Games
  • Text messages on cell phones
These are some of the most common ways that viral marketing schemes are conducted. With these being the most common and most popular forms of viral marketing, it is easy to see how viral marketing could easily be done on the social networking website known as Facebook. It is an advertising and marketing method used by all sorts of different brands, companies, businesses, products, and so on through an already existing social networking web site.
Viral Marketing is easy

Facebook features all different sorts of options to their members, so it would be incredibly easy for viral marketing to be used on the Facebook website. For instance, a lot of the applications on the Facebook website are interactive flash games. There are also various different videos on the Facebook website.
The purpose of viral marketing is to promote and market a particular item, which the item can vary. It can be a brand, product, item, business, etc. But this type of marketing is done in order to achieve some sort of marketing and promoting scheme, achieve an increase in sales, and achieve awareness of whatever the item is that happens to be advertised or promoted through viral marketing.

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