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  Facebook Events and how they are Effective  
We have all heard about the website known as Facebook, which has gained an astronomical amount of popularity. The social networking website known as Facebook is so popular that it has more than two hundred thousand members. The social networking website known as Facebook is so popular and offers so many different features to its members. The Facebook website not only provides users with a way to keep in touch and communicate, but it also allows members to utilize a feature known as the Facebook Event feature.

What is the Facebook Event Feature?

The Facebook event feature is a feature that allows members to construct an event notification. The way the program works is like one huge online event invitation. The event creator will go in to the event feature and input all of the information regarding the event. The information that the event creator will be allowed to include on the event invitation information include things like:

•    The name of the Event

•    The day of the event

•    The time of the event

•    Location of the event

•    Reason/Purpose for the Event

•    Who is responsible or in charge of the Event

The event feature on Facebook allows you to send the event notification out to all of your friends or select certain friends to send the event notification to. The event feature also includes an RSVP feature which allows your friends to select the following RSVP responses:

•    Yes

•    No

•    Maybe

You will be provided with information on which friends responded to the event notification. The event feature will notify you with what friends selected yes to the invitation, which friends will be unable to attend the event, and which friends are unsure about whether or not they will be attending the event. The event feature on Facebook makes it incredibly easy to send out invitations. You do not have to worry about old fashioned invitations. No more filling out numerous invitations manually and licking envelopes and mailing the invitation out and waiting for RSVP responses.

This Facebook feature just requires you to make up one virtual event invitation and then send it out to your friends. You will not have to wait days to get a response for RSVP’s because your friends will be able to RSVP to the event online and you will be provided with their response as soon as they select their answer to the event invitation. Throwing events has never been so simple.

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