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  How adding friends on Facebook can help your Business  
As we all know, the social networking website known as Facebook has taken the internet by storm. The Facebook website is one of the most popular social networking websites on the internet today. The Facebook website has more than two hundred million active members who are located all over the globe. Taking your business to the Facebook website is a brilliant way to spread the word about your business. In the past, we have been able to spread the word about our business but we have only been able to spread it so far. With Facebook, spreading the word about your business can be spread all around the world because there are global Facebook members. Something as simple as adding one friend on Facebook can spread the word to more than just that friend.

How can adding a friend spread the word about my business?

It may seem too good to be true, but it isn’t. There is no need to pinch yourself, because you are not dreaming. It is possible to spread the word to a lot of people at once, just by adding one friend to your Facebook page. Here is how it works:

•    Once you create a Facebook page for your business, you will need to add a friend. You will probably start out adding someone you know

•    You may think that adding that one friend just means that you have one friend

•    Technically, it does. If you add one friend, then you do only have one friend. But the word of your business is spread to all of the friends of that one friend that you just became friends with

•    We should thank Facebook for the recent activity updates/news feed of friends because it is brilliant when you are looking to spread the word about your business

•    If you add one single friend, but that one single friend has hundreds of friends on Facebook, then every single one of those hundreds of friends will be notified that your one friend became friends with you

•    Facebook is influential. The activity on Facebook of friends influences other friends, and they do the same

•    If you add one friend with four hundred friends, and one of those four hundred friends sees that their friend became friends with you, then they may decide to add you. Four hundred people will read that your business and John Doe became friends

•    If one of those four hundred friends reads that recent activity and then decides to add you as well, and they have two hundred friends, then their two hundred friends will read that activity

•    This means that you will have a total of two friends, but a total of six hundred people will have read about “so and so and your business became friends.” That is a massive amount of exposure by just adding two friends on Facebook.

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