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  Why Offering A Fee Based Subscription Is The Smartest Thing To Do?  
When you offer subscriptions to your targeted audience, it is always better to make it fee based. Selling a fee based subscription can prove to be beneficial to you for the following reasons:

Fixed Source Of Income: By making your subscription fees based, you ensure residual income. Your monthly subscription fees will guarantee you recurring income on a monthly basis.

No Need For New Subscribers: You won’t need to design new ezine strategies to attract new prospects. You can just concentrate in maintaining your existing subscribers, rather than attracting more targeted audience.

Maintain Your Monthly Income Goal: Cater to only those numbers of subscribers that you require in order to reach your monthly income goal. Hence, accept enough subscribers and restrict to the necessary number in order to achieve your monthly income goal.

More Savings: When you make your subscriptions fee based you can accrue of greater savings since you won’t have any more unnecessary expenses like cost of shipping or other materials including offline subscription publications. You will just need to pay for your basic expenses such as the internet connection and the expenses that you will incur in order to maintain your site.

Ability To Upsell: With fee based subscriptions, you can sell back end or even upsell the products or services that you offer. You can even do the same with the affiliate programs within a fee based subscription.
Residual Commission: You can also offer residual commission in affiliate programs. It will definitely appeal to people as it will be residual and not one time sales.

Free Subscriptions: Initially, you can offer people subscriptions free of charge. During the trial period, if they find your free ezine subscription useful and helpful, they will then certainly be interested in subscribing to your fee based subscriptions as well. Your free ezine will help in giving them a brief idea about how your site is and how useful your products and services are. Once they find the free ezine interesting and one that serves their interests well, they would not mind upgrading and paying for your fee based subscriptions.

Convert The Content: You can also transform and alter the content of your fee based subscription into other useful products that are in demand. E-books, audios and videos are very much in vogue and would definitely make it easy to sell products.

Provide Expert Advice: Through your fee based subscription, you could become popular and may be approached for professional help on the topic that you cover in your fee based subscription. Once you earn the reputation of being an expert in your field, you may even be recruited by other firms and companies to provide them with your expertise and guidance.

The Ad Copy Of Your Fee Based Ezine: The ad copy of your subscriptions will mechanically attract more orders. With each new issue of your fee based subscription, you increase the benefits that you can accrue from the sales letter.

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