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The customer is the “king” and cannot be displeased at any cost. A small mistake and you may lose your customer forever to your competitors. Businesses these days greatly rely on autoresponders that are a boon for both, business communities as well as their clients. Autoresponders ensure 24X7 customer-services, something that a business can simply not do without. There are a dozen places like websites, classifieds, and business stationery to name a few, where you can advertise your autoresponder. One of the most popular and convenient methods of advertising your autoresponder is through ezines. Just write a good ezine and add a pop-up, your email link or an online form at the top that triggers the autoresponder, to direct visitors to your website.

You can use your autoresponder to do a number of things such as giving away samples, demos, previews, proposals, tips, free ezines, FAQs, and product catalogues. Your autoresponder acts like an efficient secretary who manages the day-to-day affairs of your business. So, trust it to take care of instant delivery, autoresponse and other nuances of your business. Use it on your ezine to provide useful information about your niche market and become a vital source of information to your readers. Thus, your autoresponder will continue to help online communities even as you sleep. You could use smart autoresponders that provide a brief synopsis of your website to enlighten the busy visitors about what you do and who you are.

You may promote an autoresponder on your ezine through pop-ups to build an opt-in list. Although visitors usually get intimidated with frequent pop-ups, they may still consider them if you are offering them good information or a free ezine accompanied with a free gift. This is the latest way of exposing your website and letting people know about your products or services and reinforce them again and again until they finally know you are there.

An opt-in list comprises of a highly targeted group that seeks information and advice on a specific topic. However, don’t restrict yourself to this list alone because you may use your autoresponder to access to other opt-in lists too. The best part is that you already know the audience and therefore don’t have to start from a scratch. With an ezine on practically every topic you can think of, you can choose your target audience and market your autoresponder on the ezines pertaining to that field.

Find websites that publish ezines and seek permission to buy classified ads, publish literature, or write a press release. This is the best way of advertising your autoresponder and getting noticed. Before you set out to market your autoresponder and subsequently your business on the dynamic ezine, make sure that you research to find the topics that click with online communities.

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