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  Earn Using Social Networking: Give it that personal touch  
Those who created social networking created something more than a place for people to connect with each other. They also created a place in which individuals could market their businesses. Chances are this wasn’t the main intention of the creation of these sites, but it is definitely something that has provided the potential to earn through social networking. The trick is giving that personal touch.

Some people are annoyed when they get a friend request from a business. This is because they are so used to getting those spam deals that tell them they’re going to get a free iPod or iPhone. You are different, though. When you send a friend request, it is ideal that you send a message introducing yourself and how you’d love it if they would approve your friend request. Some social networking sites provide that field for you with the request so that you don’t have to spend that time writing messages.

The process may seem time consuming, but it is very worth it. How else can you add that personal touch?  Here are some ways:

    •    Make sure you personalize your friend requests. This shows them that you’re taking the time to acknowledge them. After they add you, make sure you send them a thank you comment to express your appreciation.

    •    Always make it a point to occasionally go through your list and leave comments for your friends. This is a great way to earn through social networking because you’re reminding them that you exist. This reminder means that they’re going to check out your page. If they like what they see, they’re going to visit your website.

    •    Stay current on birthday announcements so that you can wish those who have birthdays a happy birthday.

    •    Pay attention to announcements by your friends. If something is going on in their life, acknowledge it.

    •    Do contests such as this, “If you add us to your top friends list, we will add you to ours.” People love to be on the top friends lists of anyone, so they’re going to enjoy this.

Be creative and have fun with your friends. If you do, you’re able to capitalize on that. You can very easily earn using social networking. Just know that you can’t neglect it. It needs a lot of attention. Actually, you’re going to probably spend the most time on your social networking site because these sites never ever sleep. Your friends are going to constantly be active, so you need to use that.

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