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  Digital Cameras for Beginners  
Like its predecessor, the film camera, digital cameras have different models for different purposes. If you are taking pictures for personal use, you can use a basic digital camera but for professional photography, you need something more sophisticated with higher megapixels and more memory.

It is imperative you choose a professional capacity digital camera if you are going to be doing professional digital photography. Although as a beginner you may not see the importance of having a different camera for professional and personal use, it is imperative. Although you could use your professional camera for personal use as well, you do not want to cause it to wear out sooner than necessary.

Another thing with professional photography is you will have features that you may not use in personal use cameras such as more capacity for videos and longer battery life. You may also find a larger camera that you can place on a tripod much like the 35mm that used to be in use for professional photography. You have to make sure your professional digital camera can handle the types of shots you take.

You might need something different if your specialty is portraits instead of outdoor or indoor scenes. Portraits must be more precise and have more clarity, so you have to keep that in mind when you choose a camera for professional use. If you enjoy shooting outdoor scenes, you may be able to use an ordinary digital camera with higher megapixels instead of a professional camera.

Your choice in the type of photos you take will determine the type of camera you will need. In some cases, you may need to buy more than one in order to have what you need for various photography jobs. You will need to weigh each one on its own merit and determine what you need for each job. As you work, more you will discover what you need and will be able to determine what you will need for each job. In photography, there is never a “one size fits all:’ remember all of the different lenses photographers used with 35mm cameras?

There is always a need for different cameras or camera features with different types of photography. If you want to be a professional, you have to learn what works best with each individual scene or shooting session. One of the major contributors is the quality of the lighting in the area of the shooting so you must keep that in mind.

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