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  Eat Right And Lose Those Extra Pounds This Summer  
This summer you can look and feel slimmer and more attractive in shorts or swimwear without going on those hard to follow crash diets. The safe method of losing weight lies in selecting health benefiting food and lessening your calories intake, compared to those you use up. It’s a fact that in summer you shouldn’t get attracted to heavy foods brimming with calories. In summertime, cut down weight; go for light foods that are fresh and raw.

Nature’s bounty, seen especially in summer is the best of foods to cut calories. During this time gorgeous fresh fruits and vegetables is at its highest at the farmers’ market and the local supermarkets are overflowing with these goodies. To top it all, these food items are filled with nutrient rich minerals, fibres, vitamins, and anti-oxidants, and carry far less calories than regular fare.
Consume fresh seasonal fruits and veggies as they are at their tastiest best, and will make your favoured cooking a delight to eat. They’ll keep you trim and slim and provide all the energy you need this summer. Patronize your local farmers’ markets to aid in their efforts to bring you fresh fruits and vegetables year after year, and you save loads of money. So choose and eat fresh because fresh is healthy.

 A good time saver in your kitchen is to go for pre-prepared foods especially greens and sliced ready fruits. So, to keep that belly fat to a bare minimum, this summer here are some top foods.

    •    What a melon! A great fruit for hot summers. The watermelon surely ranks as the best thirst quencher, and the taste is simply great, especially the organically produced types. Apart from other nutrients, they are a rich source of potassium, which helps control blood pressure.

    •    Keep the grilled vegetables handy. Yes its ideal to boost your fat burn up program and its comes in a variety of cooking options like grilled carrots, onions, zucchini, garlic, peppers, eggplant, and asparagus among others. And they make a lip smacking healthy snack, too.

    •    Drop in at the salad bar. Salads are one the top quick fix diet snacks around, but don’t toss in the mayonnaise. It works, so try this - wash out the salad leaves thoroughly and chop them up, then add grill chicken or beef. Next, throw in the cut vegetables and fruit, seeds and nuts as available, and greens, lettuce, cucumber, carrots and few drops of lemon juice to give it a tang and top it up with olive oil. Don’t add any fatty substances to maintain the fat cutting property of salad. Add herbs to give it a natural flavour. If you can put in tuna fish or cold cut meat then you’ll get a full and satisfying meal.

Finally, use only herbal sweetening agents and avoid sugar-sweetened drinks or artificially sweetened ones. Good old water is your safest bet. Use fruits as a base for all your deserts. So have fun and keep trim this summer.

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