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The healthy eating pyramid is an essential tool that guides us towards eating nutritious food. This pyramid lets you know about basic foods that help your body grow. Since the need and taste of every individual is different, the food pyramid gives details of foods that one can combine or cook in various flavours to give you better taste and health. Developed in Sweden in 1970, this special pyramid has guided many people to understand the various food items required to stay fit and healthy.

The healthy eating pyramid is an easy and small model that gives details about various foodstuffs, so, when it comes to selecting your diet, it is very important that you go for healthy and nutritional food. Many people fail to understand the importance of good food in development and growth. As per the pyramid, there is no need to stick to a particular diet to stay healthy. Any food that can be taken in moderate amount can prove healthy for you. The pyramid talks about quality food and not quantity. It categorizes food by their energy content, and nutrient values that they offer.

One level of food in the pyramids is “Eat most” as this group consists of food derived from plants. This group is at the base of the pyramid. Another level is “ Eat moderate” group that consist of animal derived food and the “Eat in small amount” group has sugar and fats on the tip of the pyramid. The pyramid plays an important role, when it comes to educating you regarding healthy eating, since it helps you to understand the role of every food item, and what benefits your body the most. Once you have a clear understanding about the food that you eat, you will be able to alter it to lead a healthy life.

The healthy eating pyramid is the best guide for people of all age groups and can help them live a better life. Today the importance of healthy eating is consciously growing in people’s minds, and people are taking initiative to understand the value of good food. The pyramid is what you can look upon as a guide for a healthy diet. It is possible to alter the healthy eating pyramid, as the amount of nutrients required may vary depending upon changing lifestyles and physical structures.

The Health Department has worked hard to come up with this simple guide for healthy eating. Many nutritionist and doctors are taking great efforts to make this pyramid reach out to everyone, so that they can keep a check on their diet. It is never too late to alter any diet. You can start from any day and feel the difference. Healthy eating can save your life from fatal diseases. It strengthens your immune system, and fight against the health problems. With the healthy eating pyramid, healthy eating is made easy to understand, and easy to follow for a better life.

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