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There are bloggers, and then there are bloggers. It is a particular writing style that attracts readers to a particular blog. A blog can be said to be good, when the reader continues to think about the matter of the blog, even after finishing reading the blog. Given below are some tips, which could exhibit your flair for blog writing in a pleasant way.

Create An Eye Catching Title: Your blog title should be eye-popping, mouth-watering, spine tingling, sidesplitting, heart-warming, etc, etc. You get the point! However, your blog title should be relevant to your blog and should only welcome your reader into reading the blog. Once inside, your writing style should stir the strings of the reader's heart, instead of playing loud drums in his/her head.

Write The Blog In A Proper Sequence: Once your title is devised, then the matter of your blog should proceed in a proper sequence. It should start with an expansion of your title and should mention the main point that you are trying to make. This should be followed by your argument supporting your first sentences of your article. In case, you are writing a technical topic, then your points should be supported by facts. Keep the flow of your blog constant, so that the reader does not lose interest. Use mini-punch lines after regular intervals, to keep your reader glued on to your blog.

Keep It Simple: Use simple language, so that all your readers can understand what you are trying to portray through your blog. You can use different fonts, bold letterings and even graphics to make your blog attractive. But, match it well with the use of a proper style of writing to keep your readers interested.

Re-check Your Article Before Loading It: Check your article for spelling and grammatical mistakes, before loading your article on your Website. Also write the date on which you had loaded the articles on your site. An unchecked article can be a real turnoff and your article will not command any respect, if you have no command over your language.

Reserve Some Of The Best For The Last: End your blog with some reference to the opening lines of your article. The final paragraph should offer a brief summary of your article and your blog should end in a way that on the one hand pleases your readers that they had the opportunity to read it and on the other makes them linger on for a few moments in wishing that the article had not ended.

So, keep on trying. Post your blog and ask your friends as to how they like your style. You can also ask your readers to post their comments, so that you can get an idea as to whether they are pleased with your articles or not. Have confidence in what you are writing and develop your own unique blog writing style.

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