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  Make Vegetables The Entrée  

As you try to improve your cooking techniques to add healthier into them, you may want to push the meat aside. While people do need protein throughout the course of the day, they do not need to eat as much as most Americans consume. In fact, five to seven hours of protein, in a meat form, is more than enough. So, if you were not eating meat, what could you consume? Why not make vegetables the entrée instead?

Many people may think that vegetables are just for animals to graze on or something to eat when you are losing weight. Vegetables, though, are what help to sustain a healthy lifestyle. They are packed with nutrients, loaded with minerals, antioxidants and vitamins. More so, they are low in calories and they often can be eaten endlessly without worry.

But, how can you make vegetables a full entrée? Here are some ideas:

• The easiest choice is to use a salad format. With a salad, try more than just iceberg lettuces. Choose darker greens and rich spinach instead. These contain more nutrients for you. Top with virtually any fruit or vegetable that you enjoy. To add some protein, add in nuts instead of meat.

• Take to the grill. With a plate full of great vegetables, head to the grill and just cook them enough to soften them. You will find that many vegetables can withstand this outstanding cooking method. TO keep them from sticking, use a small amount of oil on them. Choose a variety and you may want to add in some fruit for a desert course. This can be an easy way to bulk up on the vegetables and get the more meaty texture that you enjoy.

• Go for a vegetable burger. You can find these readily available on the market. They are made up of all sorts of great vegetables and are highly healthy for you. You can top them with all the fixing you would place on a standard burger, without the overall sauces. If you want something with a meatier texture, try portabella mushrooms, which are just as large and meaty as a burger.

These are some of the ways that you can turn vegetables into meals, but in truth, any vegetable can be a meal itself if you just prepare it the way you like it and eat it as your main dish.

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