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  Garlic For Heart Health  

One thing that people who are looking to eat healthy are going to want to consider is the addition of garlic in the diet. Garlic not only has multiple health benefits, but can add a great amount of flavor to any dish as well.

Garlic is one of the most universal additives that one can use to help with almost any type of dish. It can be an additive for breakfast to add flavor to eggs. You can use it in a salad as well as in a dressing or in a topping. It can be used to help with both entrees and side dishes as well to make some taste better or to add a bland dish or to give a roast a bolder flavor.

Garlic is also a wonderful additive to any meal as it is also good for the heart. It helps to promote heart function as well as to make the body work better. The garlic works to protect the heart from cardiovascular disease by releasing a component called allicin. This is the thing that makes breath smell in garlic, but also helps to make the heart work better and keeps it functioning at a higher level. The garlic that one will consume should be in the form of whole clove garlic as much as possible. You should not necessarily be eating cloves, but using cloves and not powder and salt as much in your cooking. This is because the allicin is released when the clove is broken and thus it is not nearly as prevalent in the dried forms of the garlic.

Garlic is something that one can use for a multitude of different things in cooking, and can enhance many different foods and dishes. Even if it is not included in the recipe, it can be used in the food. Garlic is one of those universal items that does not need to be listed in order for it to be able to be used. Use it sparingly or profusely. However, make sure not to use it to the point where it becomes the overwhelming flavor of the dish and the actual food it is being added to no longer is the spotlight of the dish.

Protect your heart and make great food all at the same time with the simple additive for life and for flavor. Maker it taste good and good for you.

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